MI-5XXX Shock Measurement Analyzer


ECON MI-5XXX series Shock Analyzer is a powerful and tailored instrument for shock events transient capture and analysis. AVANT can meet rigorous criterions in measuring and it is suitable for shock, drop and other kind of impact events.
Based on USB2.0 connectivity, MI-50XX is available for two different models: MI-51 and MI-52. MI-52 is used for common application with 2 acquisition channels and MI-51 is used for high level shock events measuring and analysis.
Provides four analysis modules based on different test standards: Shock Measuring and Analysis, SRS, Pulse Analysis and Damage Boundary test.


Features Application
  • Compatible with ISO, MIL-STD-810 and User defined
  • Sampling rate up to 1MHz
  • Acceleration range up to 100,000gn
  • Power functions: Shock Measurement and Analysis, Shock Response Spectrum (SRS)Analysis, Damage Boundary, Tolerance Analysis and Pass/Fail Judge, Filtering, Multiple Impact Events Recording and Playback, etc.,
  • Auxiliary function: Force & distortion analysis, Shock Response Time Domain Calculation, FFT Analysis, etc.
  • Coupling: Voltage, IEPE, Charge, TEDS
  • Auto Generation of Test Report
  • USB2.0 Connectivity, Plug and Play
  • Classical waveform capture and analysis, like half sine, trapezoidal pulse, saw tooth pulse, etc
  • Shock Response Spectrum (SRS)
  • Multiple Impact Events Recording and Playback, waveform capture and offline analysis
  • Tolerance Analysis and Pass/Fail Judge, Tolerance shows on software in real-time
  • Damage Boundary, strictly complain with ASTM D3332-99 standard


TitleThumbnailCurrent VersionTypeSize
Item Part NO. Description
1 MI-5104 Premier Shock Analyzer: 4 voltage/IEPE/TEDS analog input channels
2 MI-5108 Premier Shock Analyzer: 8 voltage/IEPE/TEDS analog input channels
3 MI-5202 Value Shock Analyzer: 2 voltage/IEPE analog input channels
4 MI-5204 Value Shock Analyzer: 4 voltage/IEPE analog input channels
5 MI-5208 Value Shock Analyzer: 8 voltage/IEPE analog input channels
6 ACC-7000 Accessories (1 pcs/copy for each system): DC power cable, USB cable, software installation CD, user manual, ex-works calibration certificate
7 CAL-03 Calibration devices package, including specialized cable kit for calibration to MI-5XXX
8 CAL-04 Calibration devices package,  including Agilent 34401A meter and cable kit for calibration to MI-5XXX



Item Part NO. Description
1 7751 Shock Measurement & Analysis
2 7751-01 Pulse Analysis
3 7752 Shock Response Spectrum(SRS)
4 7753 Damage Boundary Curve(DBC, comply with ASTM-D3332-99)
5 7751U Shock Data Playback & Offline Analysis, allow user analyze data on other PC without Front end.
6 70CAL Self-Calibration Software