VT-90XX Vibration Controller


VT-90XX  is a cutting-edge vibration control system for electro-dynamic and servo-hydraulic shakers, utilizing the latest DSP technology, low noise hardware design, advanced vibration control algorithms and data transmission protocols.

It is also a multi-tasking system with close-loop control handled by a DSP processor. The control is independent of PC, to ensure the efficiency of real-time control system, with timely and rapid response to system dynamic changes. Thus it guarantees high performance, powerful features, and safety assurance. It also provides test engineers an easy-to use application software packages.


  • Real-time Loop-control handled by a DSP processor, independent of PC that ensure the efficiency of real-time control system
  • Higher than 120dB input dynamic range , 24-bit ADC/DAC, centralized 32-bit floating DSP processing and low-noise design
  • Higher than 90 dB Random control dynamic range
  • Up to 10000Hz for Sine Control and 18750Hz for Random Control
  • Up to 6400 lines on Random Control
  • 12 multiple control strategies make it easy for abundant tests
  • SOR support out-of-band sine stipulated by GJB 150A
  • More than 20 inter safety checking and lock functions that keep operators, specimen and system away from dangerous largely
  • Windows O/S GUI and USB 2.0 connectivity, graphic interface, luxuriant frames and cursors, easy to change fronts and colors
  • One-click professional test report generation to Word or PDF that can be print directly



 Frequency range:0.0 1Hz to 4,680 Hz, extendable to 18,750Hz

 Resolution: up to 6,400 lines (option)

 Dynamic range: up to 95 dB

 Loop time: typically 80 ms

         True Gaussian distribution


Frequency range: 1Hz to 5,000 Hz, extendable from 0.01Hz to10,000 Hz

Dynamic range: up to 100 dB

Loop time: typically 5 ms

        Drive resolution: 10-6Hz 

Classical Shock

Advanced adaptive control algorithm based on transfer function

0.05 to 100,000 ms pulse duration

        MIL-STD-810F or user defined standard for tolerance setup

Resonance Search, Track & Dwell (RSTD)

        Support phase tracking

Sine on Random (SoR)

        Up to 20 sine tones

Random on Random (RoR)

        Up to 20 narrow random bands

Sine Random on Random (SRoR)

         Up to 20 narrow random bands and 20 sine tones

Shock Response Spectrum

Pyro-shock, min-acceleration, or max-duration pulse synthesis criteria

1/1, 1/3, 1/6, 1/12, 1/24, 1/48th octave SRS

         Automatically wavelets optimizing

Road Simulation Control (FDR-LTH)

Hours long data duration

Data re-sampling: from 20Hz to 48,000Hz

Samples in 24 stages.

        Real-time and high fidelity drive generation

Transient Time History Control(FDR-TTH)

Seismic or crash test

Bellcore Z1 and Z2, Bellcore Z3 and Sine, Chirp, White Noise,

        High resolution High-pass and Low-pass Filtering

  • Notching/Channel Limit Control
  • Vibro-Shock
  • Kurtosis Control
  • Shock Response Spectrum (SRS) Analysis
  • THD Detection
  • Sine Tones outside of Random in SOR
  • Multi-Sine Control
  • System Check
  • Analysis while in Control
  • Self-Calibration
  • Test Preview
Item Part NO. Description
1 VT-9002-1 1 Channel Controller
2 VT-9002-2 2 Channel Controller
3 VT-9008-2 2 Channel Controller
4 VT-9008(L)-4 4 Channel Controller
5 VT-9008(L)-8 8 Channel Controller
6 VT-90EX01 Enable one extra analog input channel to existing controller
7 VT-90EX02 Enable one extra analog input channel to existing controller
8 VT-90EX03 Emergency Stop Switch with 10 meters cable
9 ACC-9000 Accessories (1 pcs/copy for each system)
UCON Vibration Controller Application Software
1 9801 Random Control
2 9801-01 Random frequency extension to 18,750 Hz
3 9801-02 Random higher resolution lines extension to 6,400 lines
4 9801-03 Kurtosis Control
5 9801-04 Sine on Random Control
6 9801-05 Random on Random Control
7 9801-06 Sine and Random on Random Control
8 9802 Sine Control
9 9802-01 Step Sine Control
10 9802-02 Resonance Search, Track and Dwell Control (RSTD)
11 9802-03 Sine Frequency Extension low to 0.01 Hz
12 9802-04 Sine Frequency Extension high to 10,000 Hz
13 9802-05 THD Detection
14 9802-08 Multi-sine Control, supporting 5,000 Hz test bandwith
15 9803 Classical Shock Control
16 9804 Shock Response Spectrum Control
17 9805 Transient Time History Control (FDR-TTH)
18 9805-01 Shock Response Spectrum Analysis
19 9806 Road Simulation Control (FDR-LTH)
20 9807 Vibro-shock Control
21 9809 System Check
22 9824 Enable Digital I/O
23 9008CAL Self Calibration software