Civil Engineering

Some civil industry staffs, such as the builders of bridges and houses, are facing some many challenges: how can make the building more reliable, more secure, more economical, and will have a longer life. This becomes the common goal of the world builders. Therefore, to do the physical test, such as, to analyze structural system’s vibration characteristics and then identify the modal parameters, to diagnosis and predict vibration faults to provide the basis of optimization design of structure’s dynamics characteristics, which are developing a new study subjects and growing very rapidly in the recent years.
ECON is focusing on completing these trials more efficiently and utilizing engineering test data to provide the solutions for the architects.

Ensure Optimal Design of Structure System
Diagnosis and Prediction of Structural System Failure
Ensure Reliability and Service Life of Structure System Modal Test on Civil Foundation of Thermal Power Station
Analysis,Test and Verification of Houses,Bridges and Other Structural System