Vibration Measurement System


Premax innovatively presents users capability for higher channel account vibration control and measurement. It builds variable acquisition module, on-board multi-DSPs technology and Ethernet connectivity on PXI bus, creating a superb platform for shaker control, vibration and noise measurement and analysis. Premax also adapts embedded-in host controller with real-time operating system, taking charge of effective data management and transmission. Premax is especially excellent for higher input channel account needed test and measurement, like vehicles, rockets, missiles, and airplanes.

Powered by PXI bus
PXI(PCI Extension For Instrumentation)PXI is more and more popular in instrumentation structure adoption, via its excellent electrical performance, superb synchronization capability, high to 132 MB data throughput. Especially, PXI structured instrumentation takes high cost-efficiency advantages in low and mid frequency bandwidth application.

Innovative System Design

  • PXI bus based
  • Modularized architecture
  • Data throughput up to 132 MB
  • Variable acquisition input modules
  • On-board multi-DSPs technology
  • Embedded-in real-time host controller with QNX O/S

Superb Scalability and Expandability

  • Housing 8 to 64 channels in single chassis
  • Up to 16 drive/waveform output
  • Chainable synchronization design
  • Expandable to hundreds and higher channel account

Variable Acquisition Modules

●Vibration ●Noise ●RPM ●Temperature  humidity ●Pressure●Future with Strain, GPS and CAN bus.

Dynamic Signal Analysis  
Data Recorder
Playback and Offline Analysis
Modal Data Acquisition
Shock Data Capture
Shock Response Spectrum (SRS)
Shock Pulse Analysis
Damage Boundary Curve
Shock Data Playback and Offline Analysis
Software Development Kit (SDK)
Self-Calibration software

TitleThumbnailCurrent VersionTypeSize
Hardware MI-8008 MI-8014 MI-8018
Slots Max. 16 Max. 16 Max. 16
Input Channels Max. 28 Max. 52 Max. 68
Output Channels Max. 28 Max. 52 Max. 68
Digital I/O Supportable and optional
Sensor Compatible Voltage, IEPE, TACHO, Temp. & Hum., Strain, CAN, GPS, TEDS (Optional)
PC Connectivity 1000 MB LAN
Single Shaker Control Software
Sine, Random, Mixed mode random, Kurtosis, RSTD,
Classical Shock, SRS, FDR-TTH, FFR-LTH, Notching,
Multi-shakers/Multi-axis Shaker Control Software
MIMO Random, MIMO Sine, MIMO Classic Shock,
MIMO Transient Time History, MIMO Road Simulation
Measurement and Analysis Software
Vibration and Noise Analysis, Enhanced Waveform
Generator, Data Recorder and Playback and Offline
Analysis, Modal Analysis

Higher Channel Account Measurement System Hardware

Item Part NO. Description
1 MI-8008 Premax 8-slot PXI based Acquisition/Control Peripheral (PACP-8)
2 MI-8014 Premax 14-slot PXI based Acquisition/Control Peripheral (PACP-14)
3 MI-8018 Premax 18-slot PXI based Acquisition/Control Peripheral (PACP-18)
4 MI-1204 4-channel Voltage/IEPE analog input module
5 MI-2204-01 One extra enabled Drive analog output channel
6 MI-2204-02 One extra enabled COLA analog output channel
7 MI-2204-03 One extra enabled Waveform Generator analog output channel
8 MI-3232 Synchronization module for multi-chassis synchronized working
9 MI-3237 Emergency Stop Switch with 10 meters cable
10 ACC-8000 Accessories (1 pcs/copy for each system)
11 90CAL Self-Calibration software for Premax hardware with permanent license

Higher Channel Account Measurement System Application Software


Item Part NO. Description
1 8711 Dynamic Signal Analysis
2 8711-01 Standard Waveform Generator for all enabled output channels
3 8711-02 Extension of Dynamic Signal Analysis for chained Premax
4 MI-8712 Data Recorder
5 MI-8713 Playback And Offline Analysis
6 8741 Modal Data Acquistion
7 8742 Modal Genius Modal Analysis Software
8 8751 Shock Data Capture
9 8752 Shock Response Spectrum (SRS)
10 8753 Shock Pulse Analysis
11 8754 Damage Boundary Curve
12 8755 Shock Data Playback and Offline Analysis
13 8800 Software Development Kit (SDK)