MI-70XX Dynamic Signal Analyzer


ECON MI-70XX series Dynamic Signal Analyzers are excellent integrated instruments for data acquisition and signal analysis, with the advanced DSP parallel processing, low noise design and high-speed data transmission technologies. USB 2.0 interface ensures the convenience and high-speed data transmission from the analyzer to PC. It could realize multitask of data acquisition and real-time signal analysis independent from PC. The built-in DSP parallel processing technology ensures the comprehensive, accurate and real-time analysis.

  • 24-bit ADC, low-noise hardware design, and built-in analog and digital anti-alias filter for each channel which effectively improve the accuracy.
  • ECON MI-70XX series can offer a strong functional test platform to realize multitasks by different application software on the same hardware platform in order to meet different test requirements.
  • Supports external control and data export (realized by the automation component COM, supports standard Windows ActiveX interface). The secondary development, extension of the application software can be easily programmed by LabView, VB, VC, CSharp, Delphi etc.
  • PC software based on Windows operating system with graphical user interface, various windows and cursor types
  • Professional test report can be generated automatically in the form of Word, PDF or can be printed in hardcopy directly


Real-time Signal Analysis

AVANT is able to perform complete analysis of time domain, FFT, auto power spectrum, cross power spectrum, auto correlation, cross correlation, FRF, coherence and histogram result, which will meet various requirements. Up to 204.8 kHz sampling rate covers a wide range of analysis for vibration and acoustic. Detailed specifications are shown below.


Data Recording

AVANT provides over 10 MB/sec data throughput to fulfill continuous raw data recording at all channels and timely saving signals in computer hard disks. Recorded data could be played back and analyzed by dedicated offline analysis software.

Shock Measurement & Analysis

Shock Measuring and Analysis (SMA) takes ideal time waveform as the test standard, for example, ideal half-sine pulse, ideal saw tooth pulse and ideal trapezoidal pulse; it is used for shock equipment which can generate ideal pulse and require the pulse measured from UUT on the table of shock equipment to be in the tolerance band of the ideal pulse according to the test standard.

Order tracking

AVANT can help you rapidly and easily isolate and diagnose vibration and noise problems in rotating machinery by waterfalls and spectrograms analysis. An advanced digital re-sampling method provides better tracking performance when the RPM changes rapidly. The order range is up to 320 orders, with order resolution as high as 1/32 of an order.

TitleThumbnailCurrent VersionTypeSize
Hardware MI-7004 MI-7008 MI-7016 MI-7008D
Input Channels Max. 4 Max. 8 Max. 16 Max. 8
Output Channels(Signal Source) 1 2 4 2
Resolution 24 bits ADC/DAC
Dynamic Range 120dB
Sensor Compatibility Voltage, IEPE, TEDS
Touch Screen Operation      
Rechargeable battery      
Measurement & Analysis Software MI-7004 MI-7008 MI-7016 MI-7008D
Vibration and Noise Analysis
Enhanced Waveform Generator  
Data Recorder, Playback and Offline Analysis
Acoustics Analysis  
Order Tracking  
Modal Analysis  
Shock Data Capture  
Shaker Performance Verification  
Shock/Drop Machine Performance Verification  

Dynamic Signal Analyzer Hardware

Item Part NO. Description
1 MI-7004-2 Dynamic Signal Analyzer Front End: 2 voltage/IEPE/TEDS analog input channels
2 MI-7004 Dynamic Signal Analyzer Front End: 4 voltage/IEPE/TEDS analog input channels
3 MI-7008-4 Dynamic Signal Analyzer Front End: 4 voltage/IEPE/TEDS analog input channels
4 MI-7008 Dynamic Signal Analyzer Front End: 8 voltage/IEPE/TEDS analog input channels
5 MI-7008D Portable  Dynamic Signal Analyzer Front End: 8 voltage/IEPE/TEDS analog input channels
6 MI-7016 Dynamic Signal Analyzer Front End: 16 voltage/IEPE/TEDS analog input channels
7 MI-70EX01 One extra enabled analog input channel to existing analyzer front end
8 MI-70EX02 One extra enabled analog output (waveform generator) channel to existing analyzer front end
9 MI-70EX03 Rechargeable lithium battery
10 ACC-7000 Accessories (1 pcs/copy for each system): DC 19V power adapter and cable, USB cable, software installation CD, user manual, ex-works calibration certificate 
11 CAL-03 Calibration devices package, including specialized cable kit for calibration to MI-70XX
12 CAL-04 Calibration devices package,  including Agilent 34401A meter and cable kit for calibration to MI-70XX

VANT Measurement & Analysis Application Software

Item Part NO. Description
1 7711 Dynamic Signal Analysis
2 7711-01 Standard Waveform Generator for all enabled output channels
3 7712 Data Recorder
4 7711U Playback And Offline Analysis
5 7721 Acoustics Sound Pressure Analysis
6 7722 Acoustics Sound Power Analysis
7 7723 Acoustics Sound Intensity Analysis
8 7731 Order Tracking
9 7732 Balancing
10 7741 Modal Data Acquisition
11 7741U Modal Genius Modal Analysis Software
12 7743 Dynamic Stiffness Analysis
13 7751 Shock Data Capture
14 7751-01 Shock Pulse Analysis
15 7752 Shock Response Spectrum (SRS)
16 7753 Damage Boundary Curve
17 7751U Shock Data Playback and Offline Analysis
18 7700 Software Development Kit (SDK)
19 70CAL Self-Calibration Software
20 G380 Modal Genius