Small Vibration Shaker/Model Exciter

The LT Series all-in-one Small Vibration Shaker/Model Exciter from Econ is a great tool for the production screening of small components, engineering design evaluation and verification, or for educational demonstration purposes.
It is also a great tool for on-site modal excitation and analysis. The shaker system features an embedded power amplifier, signal generator with open-loop control, and slip table for horizontal tests. The shaker itself has a frequency range of 1-15,000 Hz and maximum displacement of 0.75 inch, up to 500 N, built-in power amplifier available for 20N shaker. It has an additional input port for controller with accurate closed-loop control technology.



Performance Characteristics

  • All-in-one design with embedded power amplifier, signal generator, and slip table
  • Stand-alone unit with great portability, and great demo tool for vibration related applications
  • Capable of signal input and accurate closed-loop control
  • Wide Frequency range from 1 Hz to 15,000 Hz Applications of PMS Series Miniature Shaker Electronic Components
  • Testing Engineering Design Evaluation & Verification Modal Testing and Analysis Educational Demonstration 


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